Club's direction regarding Covid

Hi to all our valued members.

The move to the new traffic light system poses many challenges for all clubs, not the least our own. The law around how we must operate is not voluntary – it is compulsory with severe consequences for any organisation that is involved in a breach. The financial penalty for a club like us would be monumental (a $14,000 fine). For many clubs such an imposition may prove to be the end of their existence. Whether we agree with what is set out or not, it is all about health and safety. The law around such for clubs like our own is rather onerous.

On the 3 December 2021 the country will move to the traffic light system. For Auckland this means RED – this is based around the health system potentially facing an unsustainable number of hospitalisations. Whilst in time we will eventually move to ORANGE then GREEN it has to be said that we are likely to maintain a RED status for some time due to the current daily new cases being reported in our city.

So what does this actually mean for our club? Hospitality, some gatherings, events (indoor and outdoor) and gyms have very specific numbers limitations. All this is dependent upon whether we chose to stage such with either vaccination certificates (My Vaccine Pass) or without. If the My Vaccine Pass is required at an event then we can plan for numbers not exceeding 100. If we chose not to use the My Vaccine Pass the numbers may not exceed 25. In fact the grey area in the Protection Framework also highlights that you “cannot attend indoor or outdoor events (like concerts)” if the My Vaccine Pass is not required. This implies that it goes beyond just concerts – but how far? Very open for interpretation. Accordingly, it is relatively clear where this means our future direction as a club will be.

We therefore felt that the time was now right to now inform our membership that for the viability of the club whilst we are traffic light RED we will be requiring your My Vaccine Pass to be provided. It must also be said that when we move to ORANGE the same rules will need to be applied as limits are restricted to 50 people only if no certificates provided.

A reminder please that whatever our club may feel about this decision the nature of all our indoor and outdoor events always caters for numbers exceeding 25. In fact the greatest challenge for us will be maintaining a level not exceeding 100.

The process we use as a club has yet to be determined. There are options – Friendly Manager may allow us in the future to record the status of members. We could seek a hard copy prior to entry to any event. Alternately we could download an app onto selected members phones and you sign in as you arrive with your phone. Any one of these (or a combination of the options) may be utilised.

We are extremely optimistic that members will support what is now becoming normal in this Covid environment. As a club we have been left with no other viable option if we wish to function as normal. In the end this is what we exist for – providing memorable occasions for our many valued members.

Kind regards

Ken Smith (President)
Craig Borland (Vice President)