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Auckland Mustang Owners Club

The Auckland Mustang Owners Club was set up in November 1975 when Len Walker advertised in local newspapers calling all Mustang owners to an inaugural meeting at the John W Andrews Ford showrooms in Royal Oak.

The club covers the whole of the greater Auckland area, plus Northland. It has 300 members making it the largest New Zealand Mustang club.

Waikato Mustang Owners Club

The Waikato Mustang Owners Club was formed on 9th July 1975 at a meeting of interested owners at Gary Keith Motors showroom.

12 people attended and formed the club.

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Bay of Plenty Mustang Owners Club

The Bay of Plenty Club was established in March 2002. The first event was the All Ford Day in Mt Maunganui and drew about 12 members and their families.

Interest quickly grew with enthusiasts joining from throughout the Bay of Plenty.

This is a socially focussed club that aims to have the whole family involved with club events such as runs, social evenings and interaction with other clubs.

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Taranaki Mustang Club

After a preliminary meeting on 27 April 1975 at Peter and Jocelyn Brouwer's home the Taranaki Mustang Club was officially launched on 11 May 1975 at Barry and Mary Corbett's farm. This makes it the oldest NZ Mustang club. When formed there were 6 Mustangs in the club. The club lapsed after Xmas 1976, but was reformed with new vigour on 11 June 1977 with 12 members. The club is proud to have Lee Iacoca (the creator of the Mustang) as its honorary patron.

Today the club has about 60 members from all over the Taranaki Region.

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Manawatu Mustang Owners Club

The Manawatu Mustang Owners Club was formed in late January 1979 when a couple (Ash & Louise Williams) with a passion for Mustangs hosted 15 Mustangs, 8 of those guests from the Taranaki Club with the aim of starting a club.

The first official meeting took place on 14th February 1979 at Graeme and Trudie Ponds home where the 7 foundation members started the club. The club has constantly grown in numbers over the years as Mustangs become the passion of more and more New Zealanders.

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Canterbury Mustang Owners Club

The Canterbury Mustang Owners Club was formed in April 1981 with a membership of 30 Mustangs. Today the club has approx 230 members.
The club draws members from all over the South Island, with a large numbers in the Nelson/Marlborough region, the South Canterbury region, Otago and the West Coast.

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Southern Mustang Owners Club

The club is based in Otago and Southland.

Started by Phil Coulthard and Roger Bugden after the Christchurch Convention in 1998.
The first meeting drew about 12 members, but the the club has now grown to 60 financial members (and still growing)

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Gisborne Owners Group

There are 8 mustang owners, in Gisborne, who are members of the Gisborne American Car Club.

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