Special Awards


Life Membership shall be of person/s that have (in the opinion of the Club) attained distinction and have completed fifteen years membership in the Auckland Mustang Owners Club.

Len and Ruth (Deceased) Walker (Honorary)

Ross Walker (Founding Member) (Deceased)

Sam Shackleton (Deceased)

Neville Barton (Club Historian)

Wayne Lack

Ken Smith

Shaun Jackson

Mike Adams

Ian Waters

Craig Borland & Dianna Bang

Distinguished Members

Continuous membership will be defined as having been a member of AMOC for 20 continuous years with allowance for a maximum of one 18 month break in your club membership during that 20 year period. lf such a break in membership should occur, then the period of this break will be added to the 20 year period (example – 12 month break in membership – recognition occurs after 21 years with the club)

49 years

Rob and Jan Scott

36 years

Barbara Lack

35 years

Mark and Anya Petera

34 years

Errol and Pam Lack

John Sutherland

Barbara Jackson

32 years

Brett and Kasey Shackleton

Cameron Duncan

Judi Shackleton

Mike Lynch and Michelle Huskinson

Emma Barton

Jack and Jo Weir

29 years

John Sullivan

Shane McCallum

28 years

Grant Duder

 26 years

John and Marion Devere-Ellery

25 years

Graeme and Sharon Dando

Jeff and Elaine Tobin

John and Frances Reid

24 years

Andre and Irene Weibel

Jackie Waters

Trish Smith

Wayne Ward

22 years

Craig McLachlin

Phillip Mettrick

21 years

Chris and Mary Fitzpatrick

Dale and Debra Charteris

Will and Pat Neal

20 years

Garry and Julia Biggelaar

Glen and Janis Davies

Moana Turner

Tim McPherson


The Club will be responsible for the nomination and election of persons to the Honorary Membership.

Alistair and Sharon Davidson (Petrolhead)

Paul Fahey